My 2016 wish for peace in the world

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Dr. Javad Zarif in Wellington, New Zealand

Date: Monday, 14 March 2016 Venue: The Banquet Hall, Parliament Buildings Hosted by: New Zealand Institute of International Affairs Honorable Sir Doug Kidd, President NZIIA Maty Nikkhou- O’Brien, Director NZIIA Dr.Mohammad Javad Zarif is the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the administration of President Rouhani. He led the Iranian negotiation with the P5+1 countries, which produced the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on 14 July 2015, lifting economic sanctions against Iran on 16 January 2016, and bringing Iran back to the international community. The Deal has … [Read More...]

My 2016 wish for peace in the world

I was born and raised in Iran and understand the culture and complexity of the Middle East very well. I became an American by choice in 1980. I have seen my birth country ruined by oil and foreign politics. It is difficult for me to witness my second country, America, which was my home for 34 years, possibly be damaged because of wrong foreign policies. I hope we can have peace in 2016 to stop further hardship in the Middle East and the world. My award-winning book, “The Power and the Peril of Oil,” describes the major players in oil, the power and the misery that came with it, the Middle … [Read More...]