Speaking Engagements

Firooz Zadeh is available for book signing and as a speaker at educational institutions, for service clubs, special groups, graduations ceremonies, and professional organizations.

Cruise Ship Lecturer

Zadeh gives enlightening and entertaining talks providing pertinent information along with photos, video clips, and support documents. His well-received presentations are always delivered with a unique sense of humor.

His most popular lectures are:

The Journey – An Inspirational Immigrant’s Success Story from Iran to America to New Zealand
Iran: An Important Force as a Partner for Peace in the Region
Australia – One of the Most Livable Countries in the World
New Zealand – What Makes the Country and Her People so Special

Enrichment Lectures

Syria: and the worldwide refugee crisis

These families had a home, a life, and a future, all without wanting to become refugees. They are dyeing in hundreds or pouring into and flooding their neighboring countries and Europe. Refugees are the result of wars and destruction that have been caused mainly by the U.S. since the 2003 invasion of Iraq and has only escalated with the war in Syria since 2011. No one wants to be a refugee.

Iran: An Important Force in the Region

Zadeh presents an informative lecture on Iran, a major player for peace in the Middle East, with insight from personal knowledge, research and observations. He was an invited guest to the conference for “Iranian Scholars Living Abroad” held in Tehran in 2009 and 2010 and discusses his findings from the conference, along with a look at Iran’s history of nuclear programs and the 2015 nuclear agreement with the U.S. and five other nations.

The Power and the Peril of Oil

Firooz Zadeh explains why Westerners call it Black Gold, and Middle Easterners refer to it as Black Pain. This is a thought-provoking presentation on how oil has given strength and empowered some countries and its people while it has also dislocated and imperiled many others. It has truly been a double-edged sword. And because of making alies with with Saudi Arabia for its oil, the U.S. has lost its soul and security.

Understanding Islam and the Culture of the Middle East

An intimate view of Islam that dictates the lives and cultures of the region. Zadeh gives information on a faith that influences an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. This presentation is designed to explain the basic philosophy of the faith for a better understanding of the religion in interacting with Muslims. Zadeh does not condemn nor condone, he only describes its different divisive sects along with misleading interpretations by ISIS and the media.

The Puzzle of the Middle East

Firooz Zadeh will be talking about Iran’s Nuclear facilities, divisions in Islam, the turmoil , and the power struggle between the West and Islamic State (IS) for control of the region and oil. And concludes with what is IS, how and when was it created, how is it funded, and their ultimate plans.

New Zealand – What Makes the Country and Her People so Special

The relaxed culture of Kiwis and the natural beauty of this land are only two reasons why visitors and locals alike call New Zealand “Godzone”. With a population of only 4.3 million people, this small corner of the world is a little known paradise. New Zealanders know more about the world than the world knows about them. Bungee jumping, Sauvignon Blanc, Pavlova, Kiwi Fruit, the Maori culture, and the All Blacks are only a few of the icons of this beautiful country.

English Down Under and Up Over

An entertaining presentation pointing out the differences between American, Canadian, British, Kiwi and Aussie English. “Putting the shoe on the other foot,” Zadeh brings us an interesting and hilarious talk in depicting slang and idioms in English to realize how much confusion learning the language creates for foreigners. This is a funny, laugh-out-loud topic for both the native English speaker and for those who speak English as a second language.

“The Journey” – From Iran to America to New Zealand

Based on his book from Iran to America to New Zealand, Zadeh describes his childhood memories of starvation, deprivation, and physical abuse, life under the dictatorship of the late Shah and his tenacious struggle for freedom. He describes the life under the restrictive Islamic government. His life story is inspirational, proving how the human spirit can overcome the most adverse circumstances to provide a happy life.