Read what audience members and administrators have to say about Firooz’s lectures and his influence as an educator:

  • The highlight of this whole trip on the Rotterdam cruise was professor Zadeh’s outstanding lectures.
    Abe and Betty Peters Winnipeg, Canada
  • Firooz Zadeh has a special way of entertaining his audience. His personal stories about life in Iran, the Middle East, and learning English in America are vividly presented with a unique sense of humor.
    Lea Flanders, Longmont, Colorado
  • Your program was fantastic, my mother and I were laughing and crying at the same time listening to your stories while learning about a part of the world which we were always interested in, but knew very little about.
    Celeste Kennedy, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Just a short note to say hello and tell you how much we enjoyed the time we spent visiting with you on board the MS Statendam. Also, we have NEVER attended lectures that were as interesting, informative and entertaining as yours! Thank you.
    Pat & Anne Dulin, Golden, Colorado
  • It is hard to explain the impact Firooz has on the lives of all the students he teaches. His gentle pushing has encouraged four of my children to be the best they can be, and then to improve just a bit more.
    Mrs. Barbara Clarey, Kalispell, MT
  • A parent, after expressing sadness at Firooz's retirement, stated: "Whatever Firooz Zadeh chooses to do next, his involvement will make a difference in someone's life."
    Marka Moser, Vail, CO
  • I can't thank you enough for all you have done over the past few years. You are such a pleasure to work with. Our cruise directors always ask for your return.
    Holly Johnsen, Manager, Guest Lecturers, Holland America Cruise Lines
  • Firooz's lectures have been well-attended; some with standing room only. Those who have heard him always ask for more.
    Bruce Scudder, Cruise Director, Holland America Cruise Lines
  • You are a very endearing person. We are very fortunate about the opportunity of having you with us as a Port Lecturer/Destination Lecturer. We are looking forward to working with you on many more cruises.
    Sheri Tousey-Baker, Enrichment Program Specialist, Celebrity Cruises
  • When our passengers come to my desk, all I hear is, how much they enjoyed professor Zadeh's presentations.
    Abilio Menendez, HAL Port Lecturer
  • Islam versus Terrorism
    Mr. Zadeh, I am reviewing your book for Circle Magazine. I just finished reading it and I wanted to personally write and thank you for putting together this book. As an American, I have been increasingly dismayed by the unilateralist, black-and-white approach to foreign policy that the Bush administration has been taking over these past two years. You book has opened my eyes to pieces of history I was never previously aware of, and also given me a much deeper understanding of the lives and plight of the people of the middle east. Thanks again for sharing this book with the rest of us, I know it has meant quite a lot to me.
    David Wharton, Circle Magazine

An excerpt of a letter from Dr. Jerry Fisher to Al Franken:

Dear Al:
I am writing you about an exceptional scholar/author on Islam and Terrorism, Professor Firooz Zadeh. I had the pleasure of spending two weeks with him and his wife on the Statendam a Holland America ship traveling from Sydney to Hong Kong. He was the featured speaker on Terrorism. He had the 1000 plus people from over 50 countries spellbound and very fascinated. He has spoken with rave reviews to over hundred thousand people from over 50 different countries. Firooz is an American citizen born in Iran. A retired professor, award winning author, world-class humorist, political satirist, and – on top of that – a downright way cool human being.

Firooz’s knowledge of Islam, the Middle East, Iraq, Iran and America is indeed, in my experience, unique in perspectives, brilliant in analysis, and – due to his world-class satirical ability, like you, – a delight to listen to and/or read.

I am writing because I strongly feel Firooz would be an ideal person to be interviewed on your show. He would be an excellent complement to Dr. Juan Cole and his discussions on his book “The Iraq War is Over and Iran Won”.
Jerry Fisher, MBA, Ph.D. Partner Fisher DeHaan Consulting, Kent, NY

Book Reviews

  • Islam versus Terrorism
    Providing an insightful and illuminating explanation of Islam as practiced throughout the Middle East, "Islam versus Terrorism" by educator and lecturer Firooz E. Zadeh is an articulate, straightforward, informative presentation about Islam, a religion practiced by an estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide, and which like all religions has been misused by a minority of its believers to perpetrate intolerable cruelties "in the name of God". With a particular eye toward the September 11 attacks, "Islam versus Terrorism" emphasizes that Islam is a peaceful religion that does not spawn terrorism - rather it is political, social, cultural, and economic desperation which creates terrorism and terrorists, and it is America's foreign policy with regard to the predominantly Islamic nations which needs to be scrutinized more closely than ever in the wake of September 11 if terrorism is to be successfully and fairly dealt with. (5 Star rating)
    Midwest Book Review, for Amazon.com
  • Islam versus Terrorism
    If you care about the future of America, If you wonder why the "rest of the world," hates The United States, or if you are afraid of terrorism, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!

    On the other hand, if you believe that we Americans are like the Romans - the Romericans of the new Millennium - and that it is our destiny to conquer and destroy in order to maintain the world according to our standards, then you must read the book to know your enemy.

    Iranian-American author Firooz E Zadeh has written a detailed book that attempts to explain the sources of and motivation of worldwide terrorism with special emphasis on the Middle East where he was born. The work offers compelling reasons for understanding our enemies and passionate pleas for restraint in dealing with the impoverished hordes that populate the Middle East. Mr. Zadeh does a good job of presenting a complex subject in a way that will hold your interest. A frenetic personal appeal for understanding is integrated with the basic subject throughout.

    He covers the Mid-East history, culture and geography briefly yet with enough detail to make his points regarding the development of the terrorist mentality. It is clear from the reading that the increasing terrorist acts are not religion based but rather they are poverty driven. He explains how and why the Islamic religion is the underlying strength of many of the poorest citizens of our world. (Rating 8 on scale of 10)
    Harland E. Carney, for Amazon.com
  • Islam versus Terrorism
    What a wonderful book! I seriously plan to use this in my college diversity course and might make it required reading for my classes. The topic is timely: the book is well-written; the author's credential's were impeccable. "I am an American made in Iran." What a great approach! Finally, here is an easy to read explanation of the Middle East for the average American. Well worth the time to read it and then read it again.
    Writer's Digest; 11th Annual International Self-Published Book Award
  • Islam versus Terrorism
    Zadeh suggests that the U.S. and Britain, especially after 9/11, are combating terrorism the wrong way. He recommends that they should not create any more terrorists through war but rather should improve the situation with economic aid and by education. We need to gain a better appreciation of their cultures and beliefs and not to judge people according to Western ideas. President George W. Bush would gain a lot from reading this book.
    Br. Benet Exton, O.S.B. - Curled Up With A Good Book
  • The Journey: An Immigrant's Story
    "The Journey: An Immigrant's Story From Tehran To Twin Lakes To Tasman Bay" is the true-life story of Firooz E. Zadeh, an Iranian athlete who left hardship and repression in his native country to live in America with his family. Proud of his Persian culture, and determined to achieve success, Firooz encountered an immense setback when the murderous September 11th attacks brought about a "Nation of Fear" cultural and political atmosphere in his adopted home, leading Firooz to emigrate once again for the welcome repose offered in New Zealand. An inspirational testimony of adapting to change and enduring great hardships, flavored with the wisdom of an individual who not only survived adversity, but also prospered, The Journey is a thoughtful and thought-provoking personal memoir of considerable literary and biographical merit.
    Midwest Book Review, for Amazon.com

Reader Comments

  • It was such a pleasure to listen to your presentations about your life, Islam and terrorism on our recent cruise on the MS Statendam. Since then my wife and I have both read your book "Islam versus Terrorism" which is excellent - easy reading and right to the point. I belong to a couple of groups to which I will be promoting that book as a "must read." In closing, I would like to paraphrase a quote from Noam Chomsky of MIT. "If America wants to reduce or eliminate terrorism, it should stop participating in it." Kindest regards to you both.
    Cathy and Ray Huene, Calgary Alberta, Canada
  • We were finally able to sit down over the holidays and read your books, and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed them. "The Journey" is a powerful story, and one that we're glad you were able to share. "Islam versus Terrorism" is an excellent resource. We have a few friends that could certainly benefit from the wisdom therein.
    Leo and Elaine Confino, Victoria, Canada
  • A personal and intimate description of life in the Middle East, the culture, religion, corruption and problems juxtaposed with a memorable and insightful study of the often frustrating and sometimes humorous process of an immigrant blending the cultures of east and west, past and present. Timely, informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking. A definite must read for those interested in the world of the Middle East, and for young adults, as it is a story of perseverance, determination, never giving up on dreams, and striving for "excellence!"
    Lea Flanders, Longmont CO, USA
  • This is a true story that one cannot help but care about as it is written from the heart and from the poverty and desperation of the Middle East. The immigrant's strength of character and optimism shines throughout the book. This is not only a page-turner, but it is also a mind-opener. When you start reading this book you can hardly put it down! It is one on the very few books that I had to read it again with the same or more enjoyment.
    Peg Protsheller, Denver, CO, USA