Inspirational Short Stories with Humor

“Inspirational Short Stories” is available in New Zealand in hard copy of PDF internet version fo $20 or more donation to Families of the Christchurch Terror Victims.

Inspirational Short Stories is a collection of interesting articles suitable for all ages particularly seniors.

It is written from the heart with sensitivity. Combining the inspirational stories with polished humour makes it a more enjoyable read. The book delivers a special compassion towards people who have suffered from wars, terror, hunger, illness, religion, natural disasters, and other unfortunate situations. The author’s unique style is complemented by articles from several great authors or sources to make it a perfect book to own or gift to a loved one.

There is no price on the cover because it is not intended to be sold for profit. It will be donated for fund raising to charity organisation to benefit needy people. Families of the sad Christchurch Terror Victims in March 2019 will receive the first proceeds from it. The author is committed to paying publishing and delivery expenses. The credit for charity, goes to all writers and sources contributed to the quality of this book.

This great book is best to read or gift to a loved one. To obtain a copy please Text your name, address, and proof of your donation to: (64) 021395775